Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer is coming to an end. It really is sort of sad, but it has been an amazing summer. Sure there have been some things gone astray, but for the most part it has been lovely and wonderful. I have met some really great people and I've had some really great times.

Mackenzie and I went on a backcountry adventure about two weeks ago. We were dropped off at Muir point where Patti and Erica were just finishing a trip. We took over their double kayak, loaded all of our gear and pushed off. It was already 3:00 in the afternoon when we started so we didn't go too far. We crossed the East Arm and headed to Wachusetts Inlet. The paddling was amazing, flat and calm the whole time. We decided to camp towards the entrance of Wachusetts, past Rowlee Point. We had a great view of the end of the inlet and watched the sun set behind the mountains. The next morning we woke to slightly cloudy skies, but we could see the sun wanted to shine. We set off, back across the East Arm and down to Adam's Inlet. As we were crossing to Adam's the sun came out. The rest of the day was warm, clear and beautiful. We went a little ways into Adam's and stopped for lunch. After Adam's we kayaked down the east side of the bay to Sturgess Island. From Garforth Island to Sturgess was a long paddle. At least it felt long, the sun was hot and glaring off the water the whole time. Kenzie and I definitely got burnt. Overall, it was a great day. We camped on Sturgess and the next morning we were picked up at the South Sandy Cove ranger raft. We spent the rest of the day on the Arete (park boat) and it was wonderful.

Before Addison left we (Mackenzie, Addie and I) went on the Fairweather Express II. It is the dayboat run by the lodge. They take you from the Bartlett Cove area all the way upbay to see the glaciers and wildlife. I definitely felt like a tourist, but it was cool to see the park. We had a beautiful day to see it too, and we went all the way back to John's Hopkins Glacier, which doesn't happen very often because there is usually too much ice. We had a pretty fun day on the boat for sure.

Well, today is my last night in Bartlett Cove and it's a little bit sad. This summer was amazing and I met some wonderful people, but now it is time to start the school year. It will definitely be nice to see all of my friends at home, and to move into my apartment. I'm so excited! Hopefully I will be back next year and I will have another fabulous summer.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth of July

Tomorrow is the fourth of July and I couldn't help but think about my wonderful family in Dry Bay. I'm sure everyone has brought something to the potluck and the horseshoe tourney was probably fun! I really do miss being in Dry Bay with everyone, but I am having a fabulous time here.

Work has finally picked up and we have had many guests coming through the doors. From boaters to campers to day visitors, we have had no rest. Today there was a medivac from the cruise ship and thankfully it all worked out well.

Tomorrow are the Fourth festivities in Gustavus. There is a parade, an auction, games and then fireworks and a bonfire on the beach. It should be a fun time for all who participate. What a great time to experience Glacier Bay and the Gustavus community. This the time of the year when the locals come out of their shells and mix with the visitors. Everyone partakes in laughter, games, and the occasional drinking! It really is fun to watch everyone laugh and be happy together, even if it is for only one day. It makes me so thankful for the friends and family I have and the wonderful memories I am able to share with all of them.

There really haven't been any new, recent adventures. Mackenzie and I are planning on paddling (kayaking) the West arm of GB in about a week and a half and it should be a lot of fun. We are planning on getting dropped off at Queen Inlet, paddling to Reid Inlet and hiking around Reid Glacier, then we are hopping to maybe go to John Hopkins or Scidmore Bay before we are picked up at Queen again. I can't wait!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Summer Summer!!!

Well, It is summer time. I am working for Glacier Bay National Park this summer and it is amazing. We have had about a month of wonderful sunshine and warm sunny weather. But alas the rains have come. It is beautiful though. I love the rain and I've missed it. Everything smells so wonderful and fresh after the rain.

So far this summer has been one adventure after another. I am working at the visitor information station (VIS) with lots of new and wonderful people! Right now things are running fairly smoothly. We have had quite a few campers and boaters already which is really great. Its always fun to meet new people from all over. And they really are from all over. We have people from the lower 48, Alaska, Europe... and the list goes on. I really enjoy being able to talk with people about where they are from, what they plan on doing while visiting the park and talking to them when they have come back to check in with us.

Along with working there is always some play time. I am sharing an apartment in seasonal housing with Mackenzie and Erica. So far everything seems to be going well and we are all getting along famously. Below our apartment is Racheal, Jessica and Addison. Racheal and Jessica work with Mackenzie and I at the VIS and Addison is working for the invasive plant management team. We all have a lot of fun together!

Hmmmm, so some adventures to share with you... Well first off I went with Bill Eichenlaub to the outer coast last weekend in his boat (the Cheech). We anchored the first night in Cape Spencer. FYI Cape Spencer is so beautiful. The next day we took the boat farther up the coast to Torch Bay. We anchored in torch bay and then got into Bill's inflatable red kayaks. We then kayaked along the Coast line (headed East). It was amazing and slightly terrifying. I never thought I would be gutsy enough to put myself in a flimsy little kayak and then proceed to kayak in the big, wide open ocean. It was so much fun though and really a rush. The swells were a little freaky to get used to at first, but it really wasn't so bad. The next day we woke up bright and early to come back. On the way back we flew Bill's kite behind the boat with his camera attached to take pictures of the coast line. Bill's camera takes pictures at 10 second intervals and we got some amazing pictures of the coast line! All in all it was a really awesome weekend.

So after my wonderful weekend, I had some patrol days. Racheal and I used them to go kayaking in the Beardslee Islands. We woke up bright and early on Monday morning, hopped into our kayak (a double) and away we went! It was amazing! For awhile our boat was being surrounded by harbor porpoises. They were five feet from our boat, just playing and jumping. It was amazing to see them so close. Racheal and I also saw a mother moose and her calf swimming from one island to the next. There were lots of sea otters and some seals, but we didn't see any bears. Over all it was an amazing trip and a great patrol. Well that's all I have for now!