Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels.

June 22-25

Well work has been a little crazy and quite busy. We had a working group meeting on Monday in which Fish and Game decided to close subsistence fishing in the lower part of the Kusko. The thought is to let some of the kings pass up the river for the villages up this way to catch some for subsistence. The people here live off their subsistence through the winter. I think it’s super great and I’m hoping to help some of the people here with cutting, drying and smoking some salmon strips before the end of the summer. There will also be lots of berry picking soon and that will be pretty great as well.

The weir camps have been sending in lists of requests for the resupply that went out on Friday. Sometimes those boys are more ridiculous then women and way more demanding. I think they got everything their little hearts desired though. Which, I’m sure makes me a super awesome boss.

Thursday I went with Zach down to Kalskag to see the fish wheels. I’ve never seen one before or how they operate, but it’s a pretty sweet deal. There are these baskets and they spin around and drop the fish into a holding pen. The fish are counted and tagged about every hour and there is a time period where they don’t count fish. When they aren’t tagging and counting the fish they leave the door to the holding pen open so the fish can leave. The only fish being tagged are at the wheels are the sockeye and then every other fish is counted. If the tagged fish go through the weirs they are counted as recapture. It is a really neat system. The crew also has a pretty sweet camp set up. It makes it really nice for them for the whole summer.

Well, most of the last few days have just been me running around like a crazy lady with work. I've had radio calls every morning at 7:30 and 5:00 in the evening, but managing to get out and have some fun! Also, I think I found a place to rent! A super cute little cabin and I really hope it works out because it would be nice to get out of the bunkhouse with the stinky boys! I'm also super glad I got to see the fish wheels, hopefully I will get to go down there this next week as well! Alright well keep on keeping on!

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