Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Intern Wrap-Up

I can't believe we are to the first week of August and I have so much more to do! Things have been insanely busy around here and just going and going. It is never ending. Last week Mike and I went up to the weirs with Palma, our Partners coordinator with USFWS office of subsistance management. We were able to see how the weir camps were doing and observe our educator, Scott, with some of the high school interns. It was good to see how his lessons were going and hear how he does with them. I think he is doing a super job and I'm glad the kids seem to get along well with him. Unfortunately while we were up there the water level increased so much it made the weir inoperable. Now there is no fish count going on and the rain just keeps coming! The crews are still finding things to do around camp, so that is good.
While we were at the Tatlawiksuk weir I went out to count with Spenser and on my way out I was caught in the current. I was wearing my awesome waders, but they didn't save me from being dunked in the water. I washed up like a beached whale onto the weir... it was pretty funny. The not so funny part was dunking my camera. That kind of sucked and now I must get a new one. I guess that's what happens when I don't have a "LaDonn" proof camera (as my sister would say). Either way it wasn't so bad because the water felt pretty warm, but maybe I was in a little bit of shock.
This week I have been working with our college interns on getting ready for the Partner's Intern Day in Anchorage. Our interns will be presenting about the projects they worked on and what they learned this summer. I am really glad we have this program as it allows us to work with students who want to go into the science field (maybe not specifically fisheries) and gives them an opportunity to build up their job skills. It also gives them a chance to see how the projects help the communities in the area.
Well, I leave for Anchorage tomorrow and then we come back Friday! Friday is the Aniak fair and it should be lots of fun! Then Sunday I leave for the George River Weir, where I will be for a week! I guess there is no rest for the wicked ;) Love you all! Mwah!

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